English-Language Dutch & Flemish Studies Bibliography

Primary sources and academic works are the foundation of historical research. Fortunately, there has been a fair amount of scholarly writing in English about the Dutch Revolt and the culture of the Renaissance-era Low Countries.

As I’ve thrown myself down the rabbit hole of the Renaissance Netherlands these past few years, I’ve collected a fair number of books and digital journal articles, theses, and ebooks. Effectively all of my own reading and research is done with English language sources, which is what you will find here. I try and keep non-English texts to Dutch, as I am (very slowly) learning the language and use various translation tools and dictionaries to work my way through those texts.

This is a living bibliography with over 340 items as of March 2021. As I find additional relevant works, I will add them to the list.

As of this date, the bibliography is composed of approximately seventy-five percent full length texts (either physical, printed books, digitized texts, or ebooks). I have a very large, wildly unorganized collection of articles, theses, etc. haphazardly archived with Mendeley that I hope to eventually add to this research bibliography.

Master Bibliography (All Items)

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