New Figures for Untitled 28mm Renaissance Project

A skirmish-sized Renaissance / sixteenth century Europe tabletop game project has been something of a white whale of mine for quite some time.

I’ve started and stopped three separate attempts at a historically-set tabletop RPG and fizzled out on each attempt on account of my own worries about getting the historical verisimilitude correct.

In the gap between the second and third RPG project I put some serious time into a square grid-based 15mm project I was tentatively calling 15XX (more of that over on my tabletop gaming blog).

I also let that project fade out. Reasons for why might be worth unpacking later.

In the interim, I also began work on a simple hex-based 18th century skirmish project. It was based around the historical of New France, the St. Louis, Missouri region I now call home, and my own Osage ancestry.

Plus my love for the Nineties cinematic masterpiece Last of the Mohicans, of course.

But as I made progress on that project, the siren call of my love of sixteenth century history continues to lure me back to the period.

So now I’m back looking at a very small skirmish project in 28mm using the hex base foundation of my New France project.

Here are the first figures I’ve collected and primed for it.

Rules, mechanics, etc. to come later.