Additional Parties for Send Thee to Perdition

It’s been a busy few weeks between work and design & writing efforts on a non-historical TTRPG project I’ve been working on (see my gaming blog, or my Itch game site profile for more on that).

But as the holiday break approaches I’m circling back to the micro-skirmish sized narrative miniatures game idea called Send Thee to Perdition that’s been percolating in my head now for a few months now.

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(If this is new, see the previous miniature wargaming related posts on the @rebelsorbeggars Instagram account.)

While I revisit my notes on rules and mechanics, I’m also pulling a few of the primed and based historical (and historically plausible) minis I’ve collected ad hoc in 2023 for this project to assemble two additional warbands or parties.

Might try and get these painted between now and New Year’s.

A plausibly history group of a caliver-armed “musketeer,” a dussack (sabre) wielding gentleman officer, a company drummer, and a dismounted light cavalryman with a carbine.
And on the other hand, a more disreputable group of scoundrels, accompanied by a priest (or monk or scholar of some sort) with a crossbow. More historically inspired that 100% accurate, but not so much as to be disruptive to the historical setting.

Send Thee to Perdition: A Brief Primer

Send Thee to Perdition will be a hex-based, narrative miniatures game set in 16th-17th century Europe. Using parties of 4-6 miniatures on an approximately 12-18 inch board, it is designed to be portable and use a small footprint.

The genesis of this project came from two sources:

  1. I love tabletop RPGs and have long wanted a historical RPG set in this era I’m so fascinated with. Yet, I’ve struggled with the burden of “getting the historical details and verisimilitude right” each time I’ve designed and run my attempts and designing them. I don’t want to get this wrong.
  2. I began work on a rules-light, hex-based miniatures game designed for mid-18th century conflicts as a homage to my Osage ancestry and the St. Louis, MO region I now call home. The idea was great, but I realized that I’d best be served in the long term by using the concepts explored there to scratch my late 1500s history itch.

Beyond these very broad details, mum’s the word!

More information will be coming in 2024.