Site Migration Begins!

Consolidating the Facebook page, the stopgap Resources microsite, and the top-level domain

I launched Renaissance Netherlands with Will Phillips in the spring of 2018 after a few years of voraciously reading any book or journal article about the Renaissance-era Low Countries I could get my hands on. But there was a problem.

I have enough of a web design background, professionally, that I wanted my special project website to be custom designed and coded perfectly. To my every whim, with delightful graphical touches in every nook and cranny.

But as the old saying goes, “the cobbler’s children go barefoot.” I kept tinkering with the designs and technical aspects, and as I did I began writing content and curating art and other historical odds and ends to share to the Renaissance Netherlands Facebook page.

As time went on, I continued worrying – and fretting and planning – for the “just right” content, articles, and custom designed collateral I felt I needed to have in place before I launched the Renaissance Netherlands website publicly and in earnest.

The “Coming Soon Winter 2018” heading on the temporary landing site came and went. Winter 2019 did, as well. I began thinking of a podcast… and still, I needed to have all the necessary content in play to be able to launch that. And so the site languished further still as my focus shifted to chasing Likes and Follows and Shares on the Facebook page (still guilty there).

Several months ago, I set up a sub-site here to collect historical and academic resources related to our subject. That site began to grow as I added biographies and more. When I considered the eventual migration to this, the primary top-level space at, I kept thinking I had to have everything just right.

Well, no more. Cconsider this me ripping the bandage off.

I don’t want to keep kicking the can down the road on this website, especially as we now approach Fall 2020.

  • I’m making piece with my “must be perfect” design aspirations and using an off-the-shelf WordPress theme.
  • I’ve imported the content from the stopgap Resources site. Most of the pages you see here now are from it.
  • I’ll be adding the long form articles from the Facebook page here, as well as the infographic-styles pieces to get a jump start on content.
  • The bottom line: things are going to be a mess for a while!
    (But hey, at least it’s begun.)