Get Your History Swag: The Rebels or Beggars Redbubble Shop is Live!

First, the link:

Being the particular sort that I am, I’ve always wanted shirts and other odds and ends that celebrated – or lampooned – the sixteenth century history I spend so much time reading about.

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Barring ole Henry VIII and his assortment of wives, there really isn’t all that much out there. Do you want a Catherine of Cleves Did Nothing Wrong hoodie? You can probably find that. (No hating.)

Something more Continental in reference? Not so much.

And that’s a bummer.

So I’m happy to say the Rebels or Beggars Redbubble shop is now live with a handful of historically-themed designs that would look great on a shirt or mousepad or a dozen other items that Redbubble offers up its printing services for!

Getting there from the Rebels or Beggars website is easy: follow the Shop link in the menu!

I will be regularly adding new designs to the shop – including a few I’m uploading this weekend. Expect for them to go live in a week or two after Redbubble’s review.

Until then, here’s a look of the designs you can find (and buy!) on the shop today:

What designs do you want to see? Leave a comment on Instagram or Facebook and let me know!