On Authenticity in the SCA

This weekend I’ll be at an SCA event, wearing very silly late 1500s clothing, sitting on a panel in a school classroom discussing authenticity in our organization. I like historical authenticity, accuracy, plausibility. I like looking the part. I like…

Bibliography 10: Academic and Primary Sources

A bibliography of primary sources relating to the Renaissance era Netherlands—original texts, English translations, and modern scholarly collections of the same. As part of this larger Dutch and Flemish Studies Bibliography, a focus is on English translations, but a number of Dutch and French language documents are included.

Bibliography 09: Biographies

A bibliography of biographies of the many important, influential, or otherwise interesting individuals who called the Low Countries home or played a significant role in the turmoil and cultural Renaissance that occurred there. Part of a larger Dutch and Flemish Studies Bibliography.

Bibliography 08: Economics and Colonialism

A bibliography focused on the economics, industry, exploration, and colonial impacts of the Dutch in this era. While most of these works focus on the sixteenth century, there are those works that overlap or solely address the economic and colonial power the Dutch Republic would become in the 1600s. Part of a larger Dutch and Flemish Studies Bibliography.